Monday, August 15, 2011

Gifts, thrift shopping, and more?

So I've been super lazy on my blouse picture taking. Hopefully, I won't be tomorrow.

I started stitching up some gifts for my friends, who I will be seeing in about a week! Yay for the start of school. I'm making them some PJ shorts, since I found this super cute and pop Seattle themed fabric. And she wears shorts to sleep everyday, unlike me, who wears them only on the hottest nights of the summer. I'm also making the same shorts with a different fabric for my roommate too! The color combinations are really her, so I hope she'll like them... considering that she rarely wears shorts to sleep... Hmm.

Anyway, I just went thrift shopping today, where I found this wonderful pair of antique tea cups and saucers made in Japan. The store also had two more tea cups, but not the saucers. I may return tomorrow and get those too... I'll see. My mother and I are crazy about Japanese chinas! I also bought a pair of Federal milk glass mugs. They're not colorful and super cute or anything, since it only has black ink. It has four pictures of old houses and hotels from North Georgia. I had no idea where in the world those houses were, but it's so exciting to find after some Google-ing that it's North Georgia. How lovely! It goes great with another milk glass advertising mug of Savannah news paper! How I love Old Georgia!

Well, I must go take my dog on a walk to go pick up my brother. Tata for now!

Friday, August 12, 2011

I love it! I love it! I love it!

Just 90% finished my bird blouse, and I LOVE IT!

I hated it for a while, it making me shed a couple of tears, even. But now with a finishing decoration and touch, I absolutely think it's adorable! I can't stop staring at it and smiling like a total freak.

Hopefully I will put up pictures soon. The quality is probably not that great as per usual...

Now let me go try it on in front of my mirror... With my favorite red shorts!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some new things

You know, no biggie!

Well, it kinda is.

Anyway, I'm very very close to finishing this blouse that I've been working on and putting off for almost a month now. It's made of a fabric with a bird pattern... again. And I'm not quite sure if I really like the way it turned out, but the only thing that's left for me to do is putting on buttons, and the button selection can make a really big difference! Also, though I made it without any collar, I've made my detachable collar, so I may add that to it... We'll see. Or just normal white peter pan collar? I'm really into peter pan collars, but I'm not sure how they'll look on me...

The pictures will come once they're fully completed!

I gotta jam all my projects into a week, since I only have a week until school starts. I still want to make two shorts... One in gray, and one in a gingham!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scallops or tulip petals?


So yesterday, I bought two skirts for SUPER SUPER cheap. One in red and another in coral. I wanted a coral linen skirt for a couple of weeks now, and the price was lower than 1.5 yds of a coral linen fabric I've been eyeing at a fabric store! Why wouldn't I buy them!?
Well, it turned out that the coral one fitted, but the red was was sooo small. In fact, it also turned out that the top button was already moved from the original position, and that was smallER. I chopped the top of that red skirt up to see if the rest fitted, and it kinda does. So we'll see where I'll go from there...

Anyway, my coral skirt. Ever since I saw nette's Scallop Button Up Skirt on her blog. It's so simple and pretty! Also, this Modcloth skirt was also an inspiration.

I seriously thought of making the above Modcloth skirt with coral. But then I decided to have the skirt in a shape more like a tulip (because of the gorgeous color, of course). And this is what I came out with!
I personally like the skirt a lot, even if the shapes of the scallops aren't completely even. It was a very quick refashion project!

Also, I bought two vintage patterns yesterday. One is with dresses, and another with high waisted shorts. I really want to try high cut shorts, but I feel like they aren't very body flaw friendly... I have some great fabric for them though... hmm.
I'm still in the process of making my crochet collar, but I made some things for my possible future Etsy shop :)

Will that shop come into light!? I hope so!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dress 2 and some other things

So as I wrote in the last post, I have another dress to share with you guys (actually, I have many things to share...).

Without further adieu, here it is!

This is a dress I made about a month ago. I bought the bird fabric from a local quilting store, so it's made of quilting cotton. Though this may be a big faux pas to some sew-ers, I'm pretty okay with it. Actually, I don't see why not! They have some of the cutest prints in the market! The mustard part is linen-rayon mix. I used this yellow fabric for a paper bag skirt earlier this summer, and it was a left over fabric - though I had to buy some more. I used Butterick 5600 pattern. Mustard and birds are my two favorite things this year! Those, florals, and bows, of course. Whenever I see cute yellow things, I always pick it up and debate very hard whether to buy or not! My favorite yellow purchase of the season is a pair of yellow converse sneakers. But they're cuter than normal Converses! How can I explain.... It's more... flat? and round? maybe?
One thing about this dress is that since it's made of quilting cotton, it's pretty thick even without any lining. So it's a little too hot to wear in my city :( I wish it'd get cooler soon so I can show it off with a cardigan! I'd wear it around my campus all the time!

Also, I'm currently in the process of making me a detachable lace-crocheted collar. I LOVE collars! I really want to wear this with normal T-shirts, dresses, and blouses! I will be sure to upload a picture of it when it's done.

And I'm really thinking of starting up an Etsy shop. It probably won't have any clothes to sell, since I will be going away to school in a month, and I probably won't have much time to sew once I get there. In fact, I don't even know if I'm taking my sewing machine with me! So it'll probably have crochet goods and handmade jewelry. Maybe some Pyrex/Fire King or milk glass ware that I collect, too?
I love the idea of opening an Etsy shop, but I'm scared to use Paypal ever since my brother said it's a little sketchy... Especially the thought of giving them my bank account info makes me say "Eh...". Any suggestions/comments on this issue? Any comments would be appreciated!

I'm starting to get some blog views too! Most likely from my Burda Style page! I'm so thankful for everybody who visits my blog! I'm sorry it still doesn't have much, but I promise to bring a lot of things on the plate in the future :)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First project for my blog!

Okay, I admit. I love my blog, even if it practically has NOTHING on it. The blog design I chose is lovely, and it's going to get even better with my projects added on!
I finally started adding things on Burda Style! It's so exciting and also a little embarrassing at the same time that now everybody can see my projects. Please go visit my Studio if you have time :)

So here's my first project. I added some "instructions" on Burda Style, so be sure to check it out here.

I made this after my very very short trip to Washington DC to visit my brother and to see him play with his orchestra. I bought the fabric at a fabric store at Georgetown, where, by the way, was one of the prettiest places! The outside of Anthropology there was so cute with a baby blue look. I found this cotton-silk blend fabric in the store's "outlet" section, where all the fabric there were 50% off of the sale price. I don't remember the price, but this fabric was end-of-the-bolt, so it was less than 2 yards of this large bolt - I think about 60". I also bought this green rayon fabric with some flowers on, which turned out to be Ralph Lauren's, and navy with white polka dots lining. But the last fabric is too cute to be used for lining, so I'm sure I'll end up making a dress or shorts with it.

I used McCall's pattern 5972 for the bodice, and the rest was just putting together rectangles!.

Next time, I'm planning to share another dress that I made this summer. Stay tuned! ... Or if you're so kind to be impatient, you can go check it out on my Burda Style page here! By the way, it's so exciting to see all the "favorites" and comments on my project pages! Thank you dear all :)