Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scallops or tulip petals?


So yesterday, I bought two skirts for SUPER SUPER cheap. One in red and another in coral. I wanted a coral linen skirt for a couple of weeks now, and the price was lower than 1.5 yds of a coral linen fabric I've been eyeing at a fabric store! Why wouldn't I buy them!?
Well, it turned out that the coral one fitted, but the red was was sooo small. In fact, it also turned out that the top button was already moved from the original position, and that was smallER. I chopped the top of that red skirt up to see if the rest fitted, and it kinda does. So we'll see where I'll go from there...

Anyway, my coral skirt. Ever since I saw nette's Scallop Button Up Skirt on her blog. It's so simple and pretty! Also, this Modcloth skirt was also an inspiration.

I seriously thought of making the above Modcloth skirt with coral. But then I decided to have the skirt in a shape more like a tulip (because of the gorgeous color, of course). And this is what I came out with!
I personally like the skirt a lot, even if the shapes of the scallops aren't completely even. It was a very quick refashion project!

Also, I bought two vintage patterns yesterday. One is with dresses, and another with high waisted shorts. I really want to try high cut shorts, but I feel like they aren't very body flaw friendly... I have some great fabric for them though... hmm.
I'm still in the process of making my crochet collar, but I made some things for my possible future Etsy shop :)

Will that shop come into light!? I hope so!

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